About Us

Ticket Rescue is a rapidly growing resale marketplace providing tickets to thousands of live sports, music, and theater events in the United States and Canada.  We got our start buying tickets directly from fans who could no longer attend their events, which is where many of the tickets on our site come from! (That’s where the “rescue” comes in, get it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) .
But the next step of a ticket’s journey is just as important!  We have a saying around here: No Empty Seats.  The goal is to find the next excited fan who can attend the event and enjoy the show or game in their place…That’s where you come in.
We host our entire inventory of tickets here and we’ve got it all!  Feel free to peruse the merchandise and find the event that speaks to you.  By buying your ticket through us, you’ll be helping us complete the mission of no empty seats :sunglasses:.


Our Story
Our story is pretty simple.  We’ve been buying and selling tickets since 2017 and expanding ever since (quick pause in 2020, I’m sure you understand).  What makes us unique is that we provide sellers with a quick and reliable way to get money back when they can no longer attend an event.  For buyers like you, our wealth of industry experience means you can find 100% authentic tickets on our site at the lowest prices.  It’s what we do on the daily, afterall.
We’re driven by helping both the fans who feel out of luck and the fans who want the opportunity to get that special live event glow.  It gives us a fuzzy good feeling.



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